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broken downspouts edmonton installation on white brick wall with leaking water in edmonton

No gutter system is complete without a well-working downspout. To preserve the value of your home and your home’s foundation, it is crucial that your downspout effectively guides the water away from your home.

So if you’re downspout is old or is improperly installed, your Edmonton home could be damaged, including the soffit and fascia.

You’ll want to think of your gutter and downspouts as an investment in your Edmonton property.

How Do I Know if My Downspouts Edmonton Needs to Be Replaced?

You’ll want to be aware of some of the warning signs that your downspout is in disrepair.

If you see physical damage on your downspouts or where your downspouts connect to your gutters, you have a problem. You may see cracks or openings and when it rains you may see water leaking out. Other physical damage may include rust or corrosion.

Rust or corrosion can eat away your downspouts and can also spread to your eavestroughs. This is why we install aluminum eavestroughs which prevent rust or corrosion.

You will also want to inspect the siding on which the downspout is installed. Siding damage can include paint that is faded or peeling, mold and moss, or rotting.

A final indication that your Edmonton downspouts are in disrepair is water damage inside the basement or discoloration in the basement near the downspouts.

Hire a Professional Downspouts Edmonton Installer!

Proper inspection and installation of downspouts is very important to ensure that your Edmonton home stays free from water damage.

We understand the importance of installing high quality downspouts at a great price. Contact us today for a free estimate!