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Fort Saskatchewan gutters take a beating. Buying or building a home is expensive, and you do not want to lose the money invested in your property or the comfort of living in it. The roof and gutter system are vital because they keep rainwater, snow, and other forms of precipitation from getting into your home or its foundation. Your home needs a proper gutter system. You need a professional to install, maintain or repair gutters.

Fort Saskatchewan is a great place to own a home. Nearby is West River’s Edge, and Turner Park. If you need help with your gutters, read on!

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Homes with many valleys and peaks pose a more significant challenge when installing gutters and downspouts. Thankfully, a professional gutter repair service like Edmonton Eavestroughs can install these structures correctly. We can also ensure that the downspouts can handle the load of water coming from the gutters. The following are answers to frequently asked questions regarding gutters:

How Important is Fort Saskatchewan Gutter Cleaning?

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The colors of autumn fill Canada with falling leaves and vivid landscapes. However, falling leaves cause gutters to clog, demanding gutter cleaning. Failing to clean your home’s gutters can be an expensive mistake if clogging causes water to seep inside your house. It can lead to water damage such as drywall deterioration and mold infestation.

Gutter cleaning is an essential home-maintenance activity, and it involves removing any dirt, debris, and leaves from the gutters and downspouts. This ensures that rainwater flows freely from the roof to a tank or the yard. If your house was continually exposed to rainwater, you could find yourself dealing with expensive repairs.

As a Fort Saskatchewan gutter cleaning service, we scoop the debris, twigs, and dirt using a machine or their hands. After clearing out the gutters, we flush the residue with water to drain any remaining particles so that rainwater can easily flow through the gutter system. Cleaning gutters is essential for the following reasons:

Fort Saskatchewan gutters
  • It ensures that gutters can redirect water from the roof away from your home.
  • Minimizes condensation and moisture from window sills and windows.
  • Protects the interior and exterior walls from heavy precipitation.
  • Keeps water off the foundation and basement. It prevents cracks in the foundation.
  • Deters insect infestations and animal nesting.

Whether you have small or relatively large amounts of debris getting into your guttering system, keeping up with this maintenance aspect of your house is vital for its preservation and protection.

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How Important is it to Repair Soffit and Fascia?

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The components of a roofing system work together to ensure it does its job perfectly. The soffit and fascia are vital parts of the roof that homeowners might overlook. The fascia is the finishing edge attached to the ends of rafters, trusses, or the area where gutters are attached to the roof. The fascia plays the role of finishing the roof’s appearance and protecting a house against severe weather conditions by blocking the entrance to its interior. The soffit on the other hand is the exposed surface beneath the overhanging section of the roof’s eave. It has small holes which help in ventilating the attic. Soffits also help protect the exterior of your home by keeping out pests like squirrels, birds, and bats.

These boards can sustain damage because of prolonged sun and water exposure, which leads to rotting. Insects and pests can also gnaw and chew on the boards. Many homes have vinyl soffits because they are water-resistant. However, vinyl can sustain cracks because of the freeze cycle or physical damage.

Once you notice damage on your soffit and fascia, hire a certified firm like Edmonton Eavestroughs to fix them promptly. Repairing these structures can keep your property protected throughout the year and prolong your roof’s lifespan.

How Important is Gutter Repair?

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Homeowners may overlook or forget about repairing gutters because they are a high-up portion of the home. Besides, performing gutter repairs is a daunting task if one lacks appropriate training and equipment. At Edmonton Eavestroughs, we are experts in repairing gutters in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta.

Debris like twigs, branches, and leaves are usual culprits of blocking gutters and other issues. Wear and tear and inclement weather can cause several issues to emerge in your gutters. Fixing all problems with your gutters can prevent damage to your property and save you money.

Gutter repair can realign the gutter system and restore your property’s clean design. The repair can include replacing a ruined section, reconnecting sections, or painting the gutters. Even small improvements can make a huge difference in the way your home’s exterior appears.

Gutter repair helps keep water flowing down the roof instead of pooling on it. Repairing gutter leaks also helps keep a home free from water damage. Edmonton Eavestroughs is a premier provider of gutter repairs in Alberta. We can fix your gutters and offer comprehensive gutter maintenance services to ensure the structures are clear and well-positioned.

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How Important is Gutter Installation?

Gutter installation is vital because gutter systems collect water as it reaches the roof’s edge and channel it towards downspouts. This empties water safely away from a building’s foundation. This prevents water from collecting on the roof, pooling around the foundation, or streaming down the sides of a house.

Properly functioning gutters and downspouts prevent a house from sustaining water or moisture damage. Gutter installation is, therefore, an essential aspect of protecting your property. It is essential to have a professional inspect your gutters regularly and repair them if any issues occur. Edmonton Eavestroughs offers gutter installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services.

How Important is Downspout Installation and Repair?

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Downspouts are vital because they lead water away from a house. They determine where rainwater from the gutters can discharge to keep the roof and buildings they are protecting free from water damage. If the downspouts are poorly installed or in disrepair, the water can cause many problems. This includes damaging your landscaping, flooding your basement, and eroding your home’s foundation every time it rains.

To keep water from damaging your property, they should be installed so that they take the water to a location where it cannot cause any issue. The downspouts should also not be too short. You can purchase downspout extensions that are long enough to lead water into the yard or a drain.

Guttering systems work with gravity. Therefore, it is vital to pitch the gutters properly so that water will not affect the walls, siding, foundation, basement, and other parts of your home. Downspout installation also plays a role in enhancing your property’s curb appeal. Failing to install downspouts in the correct places can affect your house’s appearance and value.

High-volume water runoff can overwhelm your gutters if the downspouts are poorly positioned or are too small for the drainage demand. This can cause rainwater to overflow and soak into the siding, fascia, or soffit. Pooling water might also cause extra strain on the gutter, leading to leaking, cracked gutters, which pull away from the roofline. This can cause more damage and present a risk to your family, pets, vehicle, and other possessions. Hiring professionals to install downspouts properly can help you avoid such problems.


A gutter system helps redirect water away from a home and prevents water from pooling in areas where rotting or water damage can occur. Gutters are vital in preserving your home’s structure and minimizing repair expenses linked with water damage. Flooding around the foundation can lead to several issues that you can easily prevent with rain gutters. You can count on Edmonton Eavestroughs for your gutter installation and maintenance needs. Contact us at 587-405-3224 for more information about our services and products. We serve property owners in Fort Saskatchewan and the surrounding areas like Josephburg, Strathcona, Namao, Ardrossan, Bon Accord, Red Water, and Lancaster Park.

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