Gutter Guards Edmonton: Waste of Money?

Gutter Guards Edmonton

No, gutter guards Edmonton are not a waste of money. They are a valuable safety precaution that will keep your entire home and loved ones safe from harmful debris in the rain. There is no reason to risk your hard-earned money on unnecessary services, such as roof repair, when you can use gutter guards instead – they’re dirt cheap!

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Here are reasons why gutter guards Edmonton are not a waste of money

1. You save money on roof repair.

For less than $400, you can contain the water gushing through your gutters and prevent damage to your roof.

2. You keep your kids and pets safe from falling debris in the rain.

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Every time it rains, you have to be on constant guard to avoid injury or death. Gutter guards ensure that debris does not fall off your roof and injure or kill your family members or pets. It is up to you whether or not you trust the people who put gutters in the care of your family members and pets – don’t put them at risk!

3. You prevent Damage by keeping debris out of attics and basements.

Every time the rain washes debris down your gutters, the wind causes the water to spin in eddies and create a vortex that pulls all kinds of debris – like leaves, siding, and bricks – up into attics and basements. Gutters are there to keep debris from entering your home. If you put in gutter guards, the water will not run off into these areas and become a hazard.

4. You do not have to remove gutters to install gutter guards.

You may have already spent money on gutters and cannot afford to take them down right now. Please do not take down your gutters only to replace them with gutter guards! It is possible to install Edmonton gutter guards with our systems of installation.

5. It is environmentally friendly.

Installing gutter guards will protect your home and community from mudslides, flooding, and other rainfall-related problems.

6. It saves water costs by preventing leaks into your basement or attic.

You will never have to repair your roof again because of leaking gutters when you put in gutter guards now! Water that usually leaks from gutters into your attic or basement will now be prevented from entering.

7. It saves water by keeping debris out of gutters.

All debris that builds up in the gutter will be prevented from entering your home because you have a secret weapon – gutter guards! No more rain is sneaking through the holes in the gutter and getting onto your roof.

8. Leaf Guards save water by keeping debris off of your roof.

Rain must be adequately aimed to fall over gutters but not to flow down onto your roof, yet that is precisely what happens when you put on gutter guards! No more rain is hitting the wrong place – like onto your roof, or even worse, into your yard and basement!

9. You prevent damage to your roof from fallen debris.

Leaf guards will keep your Edmonton home from damage to the roof. Shingles can deteriorate if the debris is constantly touching them.

10. It will prevent the spread of mold and fungus in your waterproofing system if the rain leaks into your basement or attic.

If water is allowed to leak into these areas from your gutters, mold, and fungus will grow there and begin to swell up inside the holes in the system – it is up to you whether or not you trust the people who put in gutters onto the care of your family members and pets – don’t put them at risk!

11. You will save money on a costly insurance payment by preventing leaks into your basement.

If water leaks into your basement because of faulty gutters, you may have to pay for an insurance policy that protects you from the harm that could come from these leaks. This can be costly – let’s hope it happens to no one! You cannot put yourself at risk for a loss of this kind – use gutter guards now!

12. Your house will be protected from flooding because you prevent water damage to your home inside and out.

Even if it is not raining, there is always a chance that water will enter your home – through gutters, from the roof and the bottom. Installing gutter guards will ensure your house is protected from any water damage!

13. It prevents zinc gutters’ rust and debris from clogging up your drains.

If you have zinc gutters, they can become discolored by rusting. More dangerously, if debris becomes lodged inside of them, it can cause clogs in the drains on your property. If you want to avoid problems like these, use gutter guards as a precaution!

14. It will protect your tree branches from falling debris during storms.

Have you ever had a tree branch thrown into your gutters during a storm? They look like trophies after the damage, yet they are entirely harmless. If you have gutter guards installed on your Edmonton home, debris will not be able to get inside of them and cause severe damage to trees.

15. You can install gutter guards quickly and affordably on your own, if you wish.

You can install gutter guards easily, but remember that you may have to do some heavy lifting. It is difficult for many people. Give us a call if you need any help!

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Conclusion: Gutter Guards EDMONTON Go!

You really do not have a choice when it comes to gutter guards, but you can be sure that these gutter guards will work! You can put these in now, and your gutters will look nice without worrying about any problems from rain damage to flooding in your basement.

Be safe and happy with your decision of putting in gutters now with gutter guards versus putting them off until later! It would be a shame to have to live with the risks of rain damage, flooding and tree branches falling into your home – put in gutter guards now! Give us a call; we’d love answer any questions you may have.

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